Hello! I’m Malachy (Mack), a plant physiologist and a post-doctoral research associcate at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. Although my research focuses on plants, I’m currently a postdoc in the Morota Lab in the Department of Animal Science at UNL. My background is plant physiology, molecular biology, and genetics. However, after finishing my PhD with Harkamal Walia I’ve started to get my feet wet in the world of quanititative genetics. Currently, my research focuses on applying methods in quantitative genetics for genome-wide association and genomic prediction of longitudinal traits derived from high-throughput phenotyping platforms.

Outside of my professional life I enjoy running, playing the guitar (or trying to), cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

Research Interests

My research has primarily focused on understanding the genetic mechanisms underlying abiotic stress responses in crops, primarily salinity. I am particularly interested in utilizing multidisciplinary approaches that combine high-throughput phenotyping, plant physiology, molecular biology, quantitative genetics, and bioinformatics in an effort to understand the molecular mechanisms regulating adaptation to unfavorable environments in natural populations. The overall goal of my research is to not only explain how plants respond to abiotic stress, but also to identify alleles within natural populations that can be used by breeders to improve traits underlying abiotic stress tolerance.